Artist Spotlight: Pastor Jae

Jonathan Anagor (widely known as Pastor Jae) is a singer/songwriter, born and bred in Nigeria. He moved to Canada in 2006 to further his studies. He graduated with a Bachelor of Science degree and obtained the Atocrates' Master's Certificate in Project Management.  

Pastor Jonathan currently works as a Project Manager in a building envelope firm in Mississauga, Ontario.

He met his wife Petra in Windsor, Ontario, and two were wedded in Revival Harvest Church in December of 2013.  Along with receiving the call of Pastor in Revival Harvest Church, Pastor Jonathan is also heavily involved in church ministry in many different facets including music as the choir director, maintenance, and evangelical ministries.

Pastor Jonathan loves spending time with his family, enjoying deep moments of worship, long drives, playing board games and hiking. Pastor Jonathan and his wife Petra are blessed with three beautiful children. His desire for the church is to see people who are grounded in truth, growing in grace, and operating in love for the sake of the Gospel.

His latest single “Live To Worship” is his heart's declaration of purpose. "The reason why we are created, everything about us is a reflection of our worship" declares Pastor Jae. A lifestyle that glorifies God is a life well spent.

His upcoming singles “Fill This House”, and “Died For Me” are currently being sung locally in worship services.


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