Artist Of The Week Paul Bill Jr. feat. new and dynamic Praise and Worship single "Forever"

Worship is a declaration that God is in the midst of all that is happening in our world today. With his new single “Forever”, Gospel producer, songwriter and recording artist Paul Bill Jr. has lyrically and sonically captured the very essence of why we worship. “Forever” has a vibrant, dynamic, sound that is filled with drive, passion, and most importantly God’s spirit.

“Forever” is a song from heaven that shifts the atmosphere and ignites others to give glory unto the Most High God. For there is indeed no one higher, no one above Him and He reigns forever. This is indeed an anthem of praise, encouraging the nations to acknowledge and adore the King of kings.

Tune into KWEST Radio June 3, 8pm EST for Karlos Cobham’s thoughtful FRIDAYS as we learn, share and grow together on Artist Of The Week Paul Bill Jr. and his new dynamic praise and worship single “Forever” available on all digital platforms, June 24 2022.


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